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Brandon Blackberg

"Engineer By Day, Professor By Night"

Brandon is a highly sought-after figure in the Civil Engineering industry, renowned for his pioneering approach to innovation and problem-solving using his own custom tools. He has also held distinguished positions as a professor at multiple colleges. Those fortunate enough to have been taught by Brandon can attest to his unwavering dedication to teaching and his knack for ensuring an enjoyable learning experience.

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My Story

Brandon's journey began as a CAD drafter straight out of high school. His fascination with technology and knack for mastering programs quickly became evident, earning him recognition from a local community college where he started teaching entry-level CAD classes part-time. After earning an engineering degree, Brandon pursued a career as a civil engineer, driven by his passion for both engineering and teaching. This passion led him to transition into an Engineering Software Engineer role, and later to a prominent software re-seller where he traveled globally, educating others on CAD software.

Alongside his corporate roles, Brandon founded AIMCAD, initially offering engineering services and CAD drafting support to businesses. Over time, AIMCAD evolved into a full-fledged enterprise serving its own diverse clientele. Brandon's dedication to teaching persisted throughout his career as he continued to travel, educate, and even invested in various companies.

Today, AIMCAD remains Brandon's creative outlet, providing CAD software training through YouTube videos and presentations, catering not only to professionals but to a wider audience. Concurrently, Brandon is deeply engaged in developing engineering-focused AI tools in his current full-time role. His career continues to be shaped by his passion for technology, engineering, and empowering others through education and innovation.




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